Understanding customers is the key to business growth

The more familiar the organization is with its customers, the stronger it is.
By constantly seeking your customers' needs and thinking about how to solve problems they are facing, you can deliver more value to your customers and build strong relationships with them.

The challenge is to focus on marketing, promote differentiation through brand strategy, and provide services that meet customers' needs.

Converting the data into valuable information

Our strength is "to convert the research data into information supporting decision-making."

When conducting marketing research, only tabulation of the data is not enough. It is critical to identify the factors behind the data and explore the insights that influence the market. That's a feature called marketing intelligence that supports strategy development and decision-making.

Qual and Quant Expertise

If it is a critical survey, leave it to the GrooveWorks researchers, who have abundant experience in both quantitative and qualitative research.

[Example of our researchers' experience]

  • Thousands of structural equation modeling to identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction.
  • Interpretation of tens of thousands of open-ended answers to understand the background of customers' evaluations.
  • Qualitative research panel for years to explore consumer insights.

Research Solutions

Not a few companies have problems with their current sales promotion and marketing campaigns but do not know how to solve them.
These problems can range from concrete to vague, but they won't improve and won't go in the right direction if left unchecked.

Picking up sales promotion and marketing problems and dividing them into six groups, we introduce research methods to solve each group of problems.

Customer Satisfaction

  • want to increase customer satisfaction and increase repeaters
  • want to know how satisfied our customers are
  • want to know where their dissatisfaction is
  • want to know what the risk is for customers to switch to competitors

A customer satisfaction(CS) survey will clarify how satisfied customers are with your products and services.

CS survey measures the evaluation of "customer experience" through products and services. It shows the level of satisfaction in "numeric values," which is critical to making decisions.

Brand Image

  • want to strengthen our brand and differentiate ourselves
  • want to know how well our brand, products, and services are recognized
  • want to know if the brand message we want to convey is delivered correctly
  • want to understand the image that leads to differentiation and customer loyalty

Strengthening the brand will lead to higher loyalty, such as new customer acquisition and repeat purchases. In other words, it has a powerful impact that enables competitive advantage and sustainable profit expansion.

It is necessary to analyze the brand image evaluation through qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand brand performance.

Ad Effectiveness

  • want to place ads that work for our target
  • want to find out which of the ad expressions is the best
  • want to know how well the advertisement is recognized
  • want to know if ads have an impact on sales

The ratio of referring to information sent by companies, such as TV ads, is decreasing.

By measuring the effectiveness of your ads, you can focus your budget on effective ads and avoid spending much money on less-accepted "ineffective" ads.

Product Development

  • want to release products that meet customer needs
  • want to explore consumer insights
  • want to know the attractiveness and purchase intention of the new product concept
  • want to know the effective appeal points when developing ads

By conducting marketing research at each stage of the product development process and incorporating customer perspective checks, it is possible to make thoughtful and objective decisions without relying solely on the developer's feelings, intuition, or experience.

By conducting a product development survey, you can understand potential needs, develop attractive product concepts, and finish the products you want.


  • want to understand the lifestyle and improve marketing accuracy
  • want to know the lifestyle of customers and explore the needs of products and services
  • want to narrow down the sales target by segmenting customers
  • want to identify the advertising media that effectively reach target customers

Understanding the lifestyle of consumers is essential for developing and providing products and services that make consumers think, "This is what I wanted!".

Therefore, a lifestyle survey on consumer behavior is effective.

Usage & Attitude

  • want to know the penetration rate of products and services and share by brands
  • want to understand the usage of products and services by various consumer segments
  • want to know the decision-makers and decision-making process of purchasing products and services.

U&A(Usage and Attitude) survey provides essential information for Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.

U&A survey is a powerful survey that is the basis of practical marketing activities.

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